1.14 World of Warcraft client Questions from Chinese gamers

*I am a Warcraft player from China
Thanks to the EVERLOOK project team
Bring us the most vanilla World of Warcraft

  • I have something to consult:
  • Can we use the 1.14 client? If you do, the account will be banned?
  • Or the current project group does not have a unified conclusion?There’s an answer?
  • Can our EVERLOOK World of Warcraft live stream using tiktok?
    Thanks for GM’s hard work and your reply when you are not busy

当然可以, 可以卖金 可以卖号 可以抖音直播、 啥都可以。

账号被封了 在这里刷存在感? 真搞笑

No you can use 1.14 just fine, if they ban the 1.14 client they will loose over 50% of their playerbasse and that would just be very retarded. So go on play the 1.14 client, the 1.12 is so laggy and old news.

1.14 is the future of alla pservers that wants to go in the right direction.-

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ok [thank you for the response](javascript::wink:

  • Are you a Warcraft player like me or an Everlook employee~~~

@Yonomori @WALL @whitekidney

  • Hope you can answer :)

Im casual player, but you have nothing to worry about. They have not made any statements about banning it yet.

Dont worry


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