1 fps issue, anyone who knows a fix?

i keep getting 1 fps. anyone tried something similar?

What are your current game settings in terms of graphic settings?

oh, i just HSed.

for some reason, it happened when i entered dun morough

when i enter a certain point, just outside of the cave from the starting area, it completely fucks it up.

Having the same issue.

Yup, happened to me as well in Dun Morough. Zone might be bugged.

Dont go along the road. i went into the valley to the left and then to town, seems to be working so far.

Thank you all for the feedback. We took a look into it and noticed that there was a bug on the server which caused to send certain NPC information to the client while walking on certain areas and that lead into an overload of the client. This should be fixed now. Let us know if you suffer from similar problems in other areas of the game.

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