A sleepless night

In the early morning。I, the 41 hunter, fought in the bloody monastery of Azeroth。Then my account was banned 。I can’t understand。I didn’t do anything against the rules 。I went to get through the Blood Church alone 。Use the terrain that everyone is using (Fountain steps)。All mages are here to upgrade with this brush monster 。Why can’t my hunter do this。 I can’t speak English 。It took me three hours to enter this forum。I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather at night or the reason why I’m angry. My hands and feet can’t help shaking。I used translation software to write this article bit by bit。In my mind, I didn’t do anything illegal。 I hope GM will come out and give me justice
My game name is Huoji

您好,請直接在網站上打開封禁申訴。只需登錄 https://everlook.org/login 並導航至 https://everlook.org/account/banstatus。在那裡您可以提交封禁申訴,GM 團隊將對其進行檢查。如果需要你也可以用中文寫下來,我們有會說的人。