About my account being frozen

Dear GM

Hello, I am an EVERLOOK player - Night Elf Hunter - Unbroken. My game account was frozen on February 9, 2023. I think this must be caused by the battlefield behavior of strangers and me. Some of us were called together through the World Channel to carry out the battlefield PVP activities, but to my surprise, there were no players in the tribe who fought with us in many battlefield PVP activities, Occasionally, there will be fierce battles. During this period, I have got a high PVP promotion. I think this is also a normal battlefield PVP operation. If it is identified as my cheating, I think I am very wrong, because this game account has made me pay a lot of time and energy. I love Vanilla World of Warcraft, and I love Azeroth. If this is a violation, I request to unfreeze and promise that I will never do such things again in the future. I hope the kind GM can forgive me this time, thank you, I wish you every success in your future work.


sent ban appeal. in ur account,not here

So, do I need to wait for the result of the appeal? I would like to continue to appeal in another section. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah I think you have to wait for the results of unban. that’s the only way to solve your issue.

Ok, bluedolphin, I hope to have a happy ending. All kind-hearted people have a tolerant heart.)

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Just want to be precisely, we only deal with unban issue from your personal account status when you log on everlook.org. Forum is a place to deal with other issues. You can also write your info here. That’s not a problem. But seeking unban from everlook.org account status unban appeal is the only choice for seeking unban.

ok, because this is the first time I have encountered that the game account has been blocked, so the unblocking method I used is a bit clumsy. Of course, I also launched a complaint on my account interface. The posting is only for managers to know more about the cause of this matter. Thank you for your quick reply.

Yeah please take it very serious since you only have one chance for getting unban if failed your account is doomed. Good luck anyway.

thank you for your wishes.