About the duration of the poison skin

This is the image on the Nostalrius server in 2015. The poison skin and poison will last on the weapon for 9 hours. The duration of the poison skin and poison on the everbook server is only 5 minutes.
Ask the server administrator to correct this error

Based on the information we have from the past, the behavior on this seems to be correct. You should have a 5 minute timer and a maximum of 15 charges. So there is no need for a change or fix. It was broken on Nostalrius.

Many of the data on the everbook server are not combined with that of the Nostalrius server. I think the data of the everbook server should be modified according to that of the Nostalriusserver

The item of the Engineering Department, the Secret Silver Dragon, also has a bug. The life value of this item is only 1, and the attack power is only 8