About the subsidies for disadvantaged occupations such as healers and tanks

The Guild has just settled in, and Raid will start in about one month. Now I would like to ask about the subsidies for disadvantaged occupations such as healers and tanks. The following are some of the plans I have listed and the problems I have encountered.

  1. About Guild all-inclusive healers and tank potions, because we are new comers on this server, and there is no Gold coins(G for short), so G distribution cannot be done now. I have asked some other players on this server, and other guilds seem to use this method . I wonder where does their G come from?
  2. The person who takes the equipment in the raid participants will charge 20-30G equipment fee roughly. When the raid is over, it will be distributed to the Tank and the healer on the spot. Does it involve the G transaction? I don’t know if it is feasible?
  3. The person who takes the equipment can be directly traded to the team leader such as healing Potion, mana potion and other medicines, and the raid leader will distribute them to the healers and Tanks. Is this feasible?
  4. How to distribute G After defeating Boss? Can you get G even after quitting the group? How to maintain the fee for potion of the healer&Tank and repairing equipment?
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

i suggest you to explore communism

If i understand truely, what you writed. I think you will also need something like “garant-service”. All finance transactions must be send with garant-service. This guys will appear on they own in places where smelling money or G

Thank you for you suggest . And how can I use “garant-service” ? creat a new ID ? I only want that Tank and Healer can play games without pressure.

No new Id. Garant is third person between buyer and seller. I show you in paint

This only way how to save gold in deal with strangers

Thank you for your suggest. But i think you understand what i want in the wrong way. I want to know how to deal with subsidies for healer and tank. As we all know the Healer and Tank can hardly get G ,and in Raid they need lots of such as healing Potion, mana potion and other medicines。

simple. Don’t do it.

Can you elaborate on how to do it