About the Support category

Please ask your question instead of asking for permission to ask a question. State your question and wait for an answer

Browse our FAQ (https://everlook.org/faqs) where answers to the most frequent questions can be found.


For help with addons and/or macros:: Post in the our discord in ⁠addons-and-ui channel.

For bug reports: Please submit an issue to our bug tracker at Issues · TeamEverlook/Everlook-BugTracker · GitHub

For in-game issues: Please submit a ticket in-game. Any category is fine. A GM will attend to your help request as soon as possible. https://everlook.org/faqs/faq-open-ticket

Ban appeals or 2FA removal requests: Go to the account panel and submit a request from there. https://everlook.org/account

For other issues: Ask for help from the community in the our discord in ⁠❗community-support. Both your peers and staff members are willing to help!