Account banned by the Geolock Security Code!Plz help me to solve this problem!

Dear GM:
I have a question about my game account banned by the Geolock Security Code ,hopefully you can help me to solve it ! As I registered this account , I didn’t receive any information in my E-mail and I could still log in and play game in N-wow.
Recently, My account was banned by the Geolock Security Code, I remembered that my account didn’t set up this item .I have some tries to unlock it ,but it can’t be worked on this way ! I suggest that you can look into my account usually login internet IP address and check it out on my game role ,all of the information I can answer to you !
So I hope GM can help me to deal with this problem as soon as possible !
Account : zclszks5200

How could it possible for not receiving information in your email? what email you use for creating the account?

I entrusted my friend to register my game account with Email ([email protected]) on November 17st of 2022,the precise time is about 18:30 , he told me that my account had been registered with this Email , but I didn’t receive any information ,so I asked him about this problem, he just told me that was okay as long as I could play on this account and I didn’t pay any attentions on it .But my account have been banned about one month already ! Please help me to deal with this problem, if GM you wanna check any details on it , I can retell all of my game role(undead mage and orc hunter) information ,because they’re my game roles I level it from 1-60 and 1-10 , I wanna unlock it and go on ! Thanks a lot !Deeply grateful to you !

您好 如果你的邮箱都没有收到验证邮件的话 说明你朋友压根就没有用你的邮箱绑定你的账号 你八成是被他给骗了 没有邮箱 账户啥都做不了 而他可以随时登陆的号