[Addon] Kui-Nameplates - a ported version to Vanilla

Here is my new beta of nameplates


issues and suggestions are welcome



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Very nice! Are class colors available?

yes class-colors etc…
/knp for options or use fubar

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Great, thanks!

Looks nice, thank you!

This is a really awesome plugin.

Thanks for all your work on these amazing addons Layt :smiley:

I installed the addon and it gives me an error. It says it “requires AceLibrary”.

What does that mean?

Ah so some WoW addons require additional addons called Ace/Ace2 in order to gain more functionality to make them work. They can be found in this addon pack from the OG nost forums:


How do u download it? Dont doanload form CODE button. Only from releases.

All needed libs shiped inside.

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Even better!! :heart:

Updated to beta0.3

Beter to delete all folders and copy new one - i made cleanup of unneeded libs


Thanks for your effort.

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Thank you! It works.

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I ve been looking for something like that for vanilla, cheers mate

New beta of Kui-Nameplates

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Just a heads up it seems to have trouble differentiating between warlock shadow vuln and priest shadow vuln - sometimes I get either icon or both even though I am a priest


Edit: Also does not seem to account for the increased duration on improved sw pain

that spells have same name and different icons -so i cant detect it from combat log
About duration ill look into - dont have priest yet =))