<Aggressive Otters> EU - Semi Casual Raiding and PVP Guild

Alliance - EU - Semi Casual Raiding and PVP Guild (English speaking)


  • DPS & Healers

Currently Raiding times:

  • Raid Times : 19:00 ST Raid Invites go out - End on 23:00 > Wednesday > Saturday

Loot System

  • Soft Reserve System

Expectations we have in players:

  • Attendance on normally scheduled raids, guild life activity*
  • Knowing your class, raids mechanics, and UI (Cluelessly is still ok, but an almost 20yrs old game
    we’d expect some knowledge of playing a game apart from tetris atm.)
  • No drama (be calm and explain whats bothering you instead of cryout and rage quit, your manner
    also affects people around you, thats just a general advice)

What can you expect from us?

  • Great raid environment with effective assignments and leading
  • Fair loot distribution with rewarding your efforts and improve our two raid teams as the main focus
  • Class Leaders who can help you improve

Can confirm these guys/ladies are the biscuit come join the angry aquatic mammal guild

sounds good