Allies Server massively under represented

Please try to be mature and sensible on this topic because this is a glaring issue and a truthful response might get more people to consider rolling on the faction.

Server stats the one that was suggested balance was 50/50 is based on lvl 1 characters created on launch , we were told its balanced probably 1% more on Horde I would really like to know faction balance for real as I am seeing a real issue.

I played with another mage who left a dead guild , he tried to convince me to join guild two which now has no more than 4 online during EU/CH prime time. I left my guild today due to inactivity of players , leaders not playing any more and numbers being under 10 for 4 days straight (we were a very active ally guild from day one). There appears only 1 viable English speaking guild on alliance however I am more of a casual player with a job angry wife and x2 kids so im limited to 1 or 2 hours a day.

A daytime /who seach shows 4 or 5 chinese guilds and probably 1 to 3 players in a small handful of EU guilds , EU prime time and US morning the numbers go up to about 8 per guild im sorry but no one apart from the named guild will be doing 40 man raids unless its pugged.

People say “well alliance are pve thats why you dont see them” A simple walk through any area ill see 11 horde before I see 1 ally easy , horde gank groups are at most FP awaiting easy kills and all areas are full of horde groups tbh its looking like if I was to game and socialise with ppl I will probably have to go horde but it will exasperate the problem.

This is replicating a classic server ten storms I was on , I ran a horde guild it was balanced at the start but as we became more dominant faction we attacked raids , SW/IF on drunken friday nights and slowly but surely allies dropped off till it was horde only. At the start of this the griefing from horde “redridge” from safe spotters , ppl killing quet givers exasperated the problem quicker .

So Devs whos left of you can we have an accurate whos online number please because sure as hell its not 50/50 , i would say 70/30

Because Chinese players will choose to play tribes under the leadership of (Tiktok) anchors! This is a very common phenomenon in Chinese servers. So many Chinese players in the alliance choose to sell alliance accounts! In the future, I can’t even see that alliance players can’t gank, Chinese players are a powerful existence :slight_smile:

not funny to be in Dev guild Zoo now? KARMA

If you click on the json data under the faction pop on their website you can see the faction balance currently online. There I usually see 52-57% horde.

Sadly, I agree with you.

I deleted my character earlier, for this very reason- I can see where it’s going, and it’s not good for alliance. The frustration of being ganked by multiple players many levels above you, wherever you go in the game is too high and it’s getting worse day by day.

So thank you, Everlook, for a couple of weeks of Vanilla, but the under-representation of the Alliance right now means there’s no future for the alliance faction here.

Safe travels, all. Tzel has left the building.

Lol the first few weeks of Everlook Launch it was really bad for Horde, we got ganked 1 to 3 and Alliance controlled most of the contested quest areas. Get over it.

Good , more horde mean alliance instant BG queue.