Anyone streaming the stress test?

Any streamer discord or twitch all works

yo tolwan, just got home and started stream. Bornlesszero on YT and maybe twitch

i wanted to stream the stress but the timing wasn’t suitable. I was outside most of the time and just logged in. 5 minutes to shutdown. Stress test was waaaaay too short. I didn’t experience any of it. WIshed it lasted for hours.

And only 1500+ players online

Very disappointing…

What client are you using? I tryed to use Elysium project, but dont really get it to work

very old i don’t remember, but if you click on my profile and go to my youtube channel you will find a link to the client on my videos in the description


is the realmlist “set realmlist:” or just realmlist:

not sure.
try clicking on the realm list found on the website top left corner it will download a file. paste the file in the wow 1.12.1 client folder.

here is a link:

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Thanks man

Where did you find that data?

I am pretty sure there were way more people online than 1500

Was online just last 5 mins if the short stress test. 1500 on /who

Was told then just 1700+.