Apply to restore the game props!

Hello GM, my character priest in Oufu ID: Dingdangmiao in this week’s molten heart instance (instance ID: 507) , Boss 9 dropped the sacred eye, and my priest was assigned to this piece of equipment, but in the process of picking up the equipment, because the server was shut down, the box of No. 9 BOSS disappeared, making it impossible for me to get this equipment, and today the server was repeatedly archived, it also caused the BOSS’s body and equipment to disappear when the character was playing other instance dungeon because the server was archived. It brought a bad gaming experience to the players. Please reply to the Holy Eye. Thank you!

Greetings! To initiate the item restoration process, kindly submit a new in-game ticket. Make sure to include the exact date/time of the raid, an unedited video capture of the entire encounter, a visible raid tab that shows everyone in the raid, the Raid ID, and the output of the /time command from the server.

The specific steps and options for restoring game props may vary depending on the game’s mechanics, interface, and developer design choices. Players should consult the game’s instructions or seek assistance from in-game support or community resources if they encounter any difficulties or have questions about restoring game props. For more details visit here