Ask for help.hunter pet has disappeared

Hello, gm, my friend “baoxuelvcha” hunter pet has disappeared, can’t summon, can’t revive, can’t tame other pets again. Ask for help.Now the Hunter likes a soldier and has no pet.

what game version your friend is using? I hear many reports regarding pet bug in version 1.14. Maybe he can try ask this problem through ingame ticket?

he have asked for help in the game, but I can’t respond

Well maybe just wait for GM reply? it GM can solve his issue it should be fine. But In my opinion, usually this issue can only be fixed through server restart.

Today is the first day of server restart. My friend’s pet problem has not recovered. Is there a better way for technicians? GM in the game didn’t answer. If this continues, the Hunter will be invalid.

Uhmm Maybe I will need to ask whitekidnney about your issue. It shouldn’t happen. Are you use he is using 1.12 client?

The 1.12 client he has been using at that time was on a boat, and then the pet disappeared

Ok I will let whitekidnney know this.

Hi Sir, I get reply from GM. He needs your friend provide the name of this pet. Also please provide details to explain the whole process about how this actually happen.

Account No.: yazhou9527

Role name: baoxuelvcha

Pet name: cat, default name cat (not changed)

Pet type: The tiger king of Thorn Valley is the tiger who does the task.

What happened: Take the pet to the Black Coast by boat from the port of Menethil. After the scene is switched, the pet becomes a dwarf NPC, and then disappears after disembarking, and can’t be summoned.

Current status: summon prompt has no pets, dismiss prompt has no pets, and the current pet in the corral has no pets. If a new pet is caught in the wild, it indicates that there is already a pet and cannot be caught.

Thank you for opening a free server for us to play. If the hunter account has no baby and has more than 50 levels, the character will be scrapped. I hope the administrator can solve it. Thank you for your hard work.

Hello, administrator, what’s the situation now. Is there a reply from GM?

Whitekiddney says he will review your case sometime when he is free. Besides, there is no other update.