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<Avant Gardé>

(Adj. “daring!” A term originally used by the French military to refer to a small reconnaissance group that scouted ahead of the main force.)

We are a growing group of friends looking for more who want to be a part of a regular weekly raiding P.U.G. with consistent attendees. So, are you daring enough to enjoy the game for the game’s own sake?

Just because a spec is not “optimal” in the min/max world of elitist raiders doesn’t mean it cannot be ‘viable’ and included in regular content clearing raids.

That being said; we WILL be mostly adhering to the ‘meta’ of tried and true “ideal raid comps” esp for the first several weeks when raiding is most difficult. So, no; this will NOT be a “meme only guild.” We still need Mages, Warriors, Priests and Warlocks that understand they’ll be sharing loot with “viable” class specs. (players looking to go boomkin or ret paladin should expect to go a bit above and beyond and be willing to help the group as a whole.)

Raid times:
Saturday 2:00 PM Central (NA) / 9:00 PM (EU)

We’d love to have you!

We are looking for more core raiders for organised pugs (Raiding Week 3 and 4)!
We could need more Hunters , Mages , Warlocks and maybe a PvP Arms Warrior as well!
(In case you are in another guild, but still want to pug with us, let us know as well!)

DM Fera (@Fera#4847 on discord) for an invite and more information!


any need for priest?


Yeah ofc!
What’s your discord name?

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Any need for human male druids?


I can’t edit the post.
Here are the correct raiding times:

Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 3:00 PM (EST-US) / 9:00 PM (CET-EU)
*daylight savings already factored in

Have a good one!

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Best Guild! <3

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We are currently looking for more Holy Paladins and Warlocks!

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Still need more Warlocks? Is it okay that I plan to raid as SM/Ruin?

Discord = ObiJonKenobi#7466


We would really love some priests, too, if anyone reads the thingies down here!!!
Priests come play with us we have cookies :3



Still looking for you! :o

Searching for Holy Priests, Holy Paladins, a Shadow Priest and Warlocks!


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