Back to ERA for me

aight, so i tried everlook pserver and got to lvl 6, i got banned on their discord already for speaking out, so i’ll prob be banned here pretty soon as well…

and that’s okay, couldn’t care less tbh
but i gotta say… everlook pserver sucks (sorry devs)
y’all devs wanna try a different client instead of the clunky 1.12.1 patch, since we’re living a couple years ahead of that time rn (lol)

all you fanboys prob gonna flame at me, and that’s fine (before it gets deleted and i’m getting banned, again.)

addons aren’t optimal, macro’s are shit, game feeling clunky, etc etc. not gonna go into depth cause… why would I, right…

all those who are having fun on everlook right now, i salute you! see you on the ERA servers of wow classic wich is alive and kicking btw :wink: → firemaw cluster bis!
those who played SoM → you can transfer your char for free to firemaw ERA

it’s not IF everlook will die out, it’s WHEN… have fun while it lasts, but i won’t be part of it

(not even gonna comment on the server’s name, cause… we all know it)



This is not an airport. No need to announce your departure.

The doomer shtick is tiresome.


what do you want exactly??!


You sound like someone that tells everyone in the discord server they /ignored a guy.

Imagine advertising Era to a bunch of people who have collectively decided Era sucks ass.

Update: Blizzard just announced they are closing Classic Era servers in China on January 24th permanently.

Guess we outlasted Blizzard, huh? :slight_smile:


It’s not permanent.
I guess that many of us had issues with Blizzard and their games but don’t spread misinformation.

Hello, i share some of the concerns that you explained on your post.

Back when i got to know that Everlook was to be launched at some point this year i was excited for that, i never played on private servers before so i was looking forward to try vanilla here, but i guess that people in here both on the dev team and especially the community don’t like when one criticizes about the server.
I bet some of the people here bashed Blizzard’s brains in on official forums, discords, reddit and so on when something on their beloved game didn’t met their expectations but they don’t like when the criticism goes goes against what they think it’s good? Grow up.

Same as you i was banned from discord, i didn’t insult or anything the posts of what i said are still there to be read i think, unless they got removed.

Anyway, it seems that there’s some or that some people have a power trip around here, maybe it’s common to private servers.

Yes @logannax Vanilla classic is is picking traction, i will see you in the Firemaw cluster.

blizzard is switching some business things, classic era in china is alive and kicking

people are not ready to pay money for the game. I won’t give a dime to Blizzard