BAN appeal ! Description of the event

Dear GM,

My character name is pushpush.

I asked others to translate for me. I am using online translater before which may not explain clear what I want to say.

I notice some hunter is carrying dire maul tribute. I just reach lv60 at that time. so I went there trying to get a Barbarous Blade. That hunter ask me a black lotus for his service. I never realize that it is against the TOU since it is quite accepted in chinese classic to pay someone item or gold to exchange service.

I never expect that hunter will be realted to RMT and get banned later. I wish I can get the 2nd chance since I work really hard to play my character. but if I can’t I also accept your decision. Thanks.

没办法我同公会免费带都有嫌疑被封 。有些事没法解释 只希望封禁时间缩短一些 能给次机会!