Beg to unlock my account(kingbackpb213)

Dear GM,I’m a new wow player,and I spend a lot of time exploring games ,first of all, I am sorry that my unwise operation violated the sacred rules of the game. I have no intention of offending. “My account has been banned,because of real money trade , I didn’t realize it was serious as a Chinese player。
last month,I didn’t have money to buy supplies while exploring the game, so I saw chat ads for coins,and I made a mistake ,I regret it very much now,and I cherish my account very much and dont want to lost my friends in everlook,I beg GM to give me another chance for unlock my account(kingbackpb213),I will strictly abide by all rules of the game。
Thank you very much!

                                                                                                                   from a new wow enthusiast

您好 买卖金币这种是没法给第二次机会的 虽然很残酷 但是服务器规则如此

no chance
and don`t say “as a Chinese player” again