Best place to get Addons?

So, I know there’s obviously quite a few websites to get Addons from - the question is, where do you all get yours/which is best?

Could we perhaps have a “depository” post?

I find there are a lot that do not work for 1.12.

I think it would help the server if someone could perhaps be that hero to write up a “guide” and give some links.


also how to know if the addon is up to date.

my client states that some are out of date and I don’t know where to find the up-to-date ones. is there a compilation of the most up-to-date addons?


Clearly was not looking hard enough.

Thank you!

This version of the game is almost 18 years old. They are all out of date. Just click the “Load out of date” option at the top of your addons section.

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Heres a good site whit lots of them, but i have personally collected mine long-way, what useful i find out in years ima get it…

You cak always join my discord for addons i have been using, and found really useful top tier ones :slight_smile: as you wish, be my qwest

WoW Vanilla Addons (

Legacy - have old addons not updated . Not recomend use it.