Borrow elementium ores. not rmt. plz check and unban me

Dear gm
2 days ago a friend guild (no mercy) need to do thunderfury quest but lack of Elementium Bar. they borrow from us. we dont want to be banned so we ask them to confirm with gm first if we can borrow. and they also know it has high vlaue and dont want to be ban. so before borrowing, they tell this to some gm first to declare it is not RMT, and they will return it in last 1-2 weeks. in discord they tell this to Neto, ask him if they can borrow. he said he think its fine if they dont buy it.
and in game they also send ticket, asking the same thing. Zandy reply and said thx for the info
then i send 5 Elementium ores to them but today i was banned due to rmt…can u plz check it an unban me. i have some screenshots what the gm say.
besides i also send Flask of the Titans to our mt xniu. the gold i loot from our raid and i use gold to buy flasks from AH. it is not RMT also.
And i make Hide of the Wild to others and charge for 20g
Also i give Onyxia Scale Cloak to guild member free. Our guild leader aks me to do this.


Make a ban appeal on the website, or i’ll ban you here as well.