Bots Bots, more bots. Everlook Ruined?

Hey anything about these bots going to be done? this is just one farm I have found just wait untill they get 60 economy ruined, open world ruined. EVERLOOK RUINED.


any particular proof that those are bots? and not just mid 20’s spellcleave groups going on?


I guess that no tank is needed xD

well, yeah) if you are stack 4 mages and a healer or 5 mages even, with the proper spec you do not need a tank. also on the screenshot we are shown the easiest to enter dungeon, that is literally inside the Capital city and while yes, some of them might be a bots, most of them might aswel be just farmers. Either way make a ticket or ping @Wall at discord and ask him to check the Stockades, he said in one of the Q&A that he could ptentially in any minute jump ingame and check some things. Either way stay alert and have a good one!

I don’t think he has any interest in actually having the bus removed and just wants to spread rumors


there’s no healers in that screen shot, and its horde low levels inside a alliance capital city. Have you even played wow?


The day after I call out the bot farm? oh yah im just spreading rumors


jea i stop playing now becauze server is full of bots and chinese… sorry its not funny … and these pics are only a few from many and now our guild take a break

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any proof that is horde players? again, you should make a ticket and address all of teh evidence you have to Everlook staff, not to me. Also chill the fuck out a bit, eh? my little investigator

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Yes bots, majority of the server population is chinese, and faction imbalance. Recipe for disaster and only took 2 weeks for me to uninstall! Life is good, everlook is trash.

cope harder plz

You can’t /who alliance players while horde… you should just stop trying ya shill

will you leave already, noone asked for you to be here. noone is keeping you here

I’m not playing everlook so may as well help the community out on the forums!

you never played on everlook, yet you troll their forums? someone get this clown some facepaint

I played to level 37 and uninstalled but nice job jumping to conclusions

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He spend 33 minutes on this forum and only doomposted. Meanwhile the pop is growing and hit 7k+ yesterday. Such a terrible server :rofl:

so you played a subpar class as a subpar player and you’re worried about people missing you. nice

The key is quality over quantity, which excess quantity, quality suffers. Case and point here. Hope you enjoy every last moment.

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They are banning legit players as bots. You don’t even have to be a bot :grinning: