Bugs in game rogue

I play the rogue . Firstly, ambush and garrotte cannot miss or dodge, this is a 100% fact, they do it regularly on your server. Secondly, the talent of cold blood does not work correctly, when you turn it on and use , for example, evisceration and it goes into a miss, the talent of cold blood it is considered used and disappears!!!

Ambush can be missed or dodged same goes for garrote even on wow classic from blizzard that was the case as well no idea about other private servers. as for cold blood I have no idea.

Yeah afaik Ambush and Garrote should be able to miss, and possibly be dodged too (against monsters, but not players). You say it’s a 100% fact they shouldn’t miss or dodge, so please provide some evidence.

As for Cold Blood, it should be used up if the attack is missed. Example from vanilla: World of Roguecraft Episode 3 - YouTube . Go to 25:50.

Now im 59lvl and my cheap shot miss to rogue 51 lvl . lol what a bugs in this server guys

i dont record videos , i cant show you this bugs , and my ambushes miss to players too…

with this logic we should be able to loot the cat’s eye emerald on first kill 100% fact 100% of the time 100% never actually happened. whatever youre smoking my man id love to have some