Camping on low levels

he killed me and other ppl 10+ times we cant do anything in Hillsbrad…
he killing us last 1 hr ,it is not only killing he camping us

Hahaha welcome in a pvp server… use the angel and change place

it is not PVP it is cancer camping low lvl is not allowed on 189478012479012 servers

Not sure what those servers are that you played, but I assure you that every large private server, as well as Classic WoW ran by Blizzard allows this.

then u just simply go on playing 189478012479012 servers.

Well you know how it goes, if you can’t win at your level, go after the lowbies.

Some cases sure, i only play on this server for world pvp and i kill lowbies all the time, i win 1v1 against many 60s and im only 59.