Can BAN Farming In Dungeons?

Can be disabled farming in dungeons?

Hopes to modify the attributes of some dungeons’ monsters immune to frost related skills

Stockade Zul’Farrak Stratholme etc

1 Hunter with 4 mages

1 hunter pets agro many mobs
4 mages by spells Blizzard and Nova …etc frost related skills

link : Upload files for free - f97b507df86ac4eb4196f4ed3d8bab0e.mp4 -

Agreed, I hope GM can do it

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Do a /who Zul’Farrak and tell me again how its being farmed by mages?
Ill wait here.

a large game item drops see link a video

no need to farm zul’farrak when you can farm Strat just as easily and more profitable. Hes just naming an example, so if strat were to be fixed then Zul’farrak, mara etc would be next on the list.

I mean this is 15 mages and hunters from Chinese only guilds, you don’t
have to be an idiot to see where this is heading.
A few days after launch there were already gold and powerleveling services up and running for Everlook.

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hes just naming an example
And a false one at that to add some padding to a nonsensical suggestion.

I play a mage, i farm Strat, it is literally the best place to farm epics in this patch. Do you have a problem with the fact that its Chinese people farming? Is it simple racism? I am not Chinese, but i spend my time in Strat as well…

You dont have to be an idiot to see where this is heading

Haha. Well, i guess you have to, because i dont see where it is heading. Could you elaborate? Are you worried certain classes make more gold, and can use that cold to influence the economy? Because yes, thats the benefit certain classes have over others. Im wondering what you want to do about certain classes dominating the brackets.

People want legacy wow, with all its quirks, faults and exploits. I play mage because, with the knowledge of almost 20 years, you should KNOW why its an overpowered class.


They assume it’s bots or people being power leveled. Really it’s just people playing the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Other people, if you really think it’s a bit, make a ticket and if they are they’ll get banned. Otherwise, it’s the best place to farm epics in the game and if I was a mage I’d do the same


Agree, if you have any complain, be a mage! That’s the fun of WOW!

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BTW, how about hunter farming DM north, warlock farming DM east and priest or mage farming DM north. if can, do something.

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They didn’t use bugs again, why ban