Canmot log-in/ Have no idea why (1.12.1 client)

Not the first time playing a private server.

Changed the wtf file & it just does not seem to connect or even display a login destination at the account log in once the game launches.

same problem for me

Please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure WoW is not running
  2. Delete or rename the WTF folder in your WoW directory
  3. Delete the file in your WoW directory
  4. Download the from our website:
  5. Start the game and try again

If these steps did not solve the problem, try to login on the website and check if that is working.

Let us know if that worked out for you.

I had to use the nostalrius client specifically. Tried the elysium 1.12 and I kept getting “disconnected from server” when inputting my credentials

super I think that’s why

i am still experiencing this

Have you resolved this? If not, DM me on Discord and I’ll help. Wall#8668