Cannot see detailed loot information

I am having a blast playing on Everlook, thank you for creating this server, however, after recently downloading Pfui and then deleting it because I wasn’t a big fan I cannot see detailed loot information, Like items received from party members and loot rolls. I have made sure detailed loot information was checked in the interface options, I have even reinstalled the Client I am using (Nostalrius). I have hit the default button to reset all options too. Am I missing something?

In the add-on folder I currently only have:

besides healtbot and questie. I am pretty sure when I first downloaded the game I had more then the 4 Blizzard add-ons.

this is after I have reinstalled the client as well.

Any help would be great, obviously not game breaking, but it would be nice to see who rolls what, and what items party members get from chests.

Thank you so much for this great vanilla experience

It’s not something dependant on addons I’m pretty sure. pfUI creates a separate chat window for the information you mentioned - which you probably closed - and for this reason it disables said messages in the regular chatbox. These are all just settings that exist in-game though. If my assumption is right, you just need to go into your chatbox settings - hover over the chat and the right click the ‘general’ button on top - and re-allow the said messages to show again.

that’s the thing, I didn’t really like Pfui (I’m weird what can I say) so I took that add-on off. I am just using the regular WoW UI, I’ve checked the “detailed loot information” box in the interface options and still nothing.

this is persisting even after I reinstalled the Client. thank you for your reply!

edit: I don’t even see who wins rolls or anything like that. I feel like I’m missing some kind of vanilla UI file or something. just using the OG Vanilla UI.

This is what i meant by my post, it’s what I suspect to be the issue.

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That was it, Thank you so much!

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