Can't change username?

It seems I am not able to change my username on the forums. Can anyone tell me why this is?

Have to admit I did want to be able to do the same, both here and on the discord to allow it to be updated to my in game name. I tend not to have my ign on platforms before name reservation just in case. So it is a shame we cannot.

I was sure the first few days of this forum you could so I think it has been changed to not permit it anymore.

Yeah I was able to change it a few days ago but I guess with the overhaul they removed it. Too bad, I would like that feature back please.

I messaged @Zilhah directly about this as I also want to change name.

@Eight-Undead-Priest good news for you friend, I decided to roll Horde in the end so I won’t be sniping you into the abyss :slight_smile: - lok’tar ogar

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Nice work Niz, thanks for reaching out the the admin. Be interesting to understand their response.

See you Horde side. I’ve rolled a Forsaken Priest :slight_smile: