Cant loot uncommon items while in a group

i cant loot this item. my group is inside in instance when this dropped. i tried leaving the group but the loot window was empty. rejoined the group and the items appeared again in the loot window but still cant loot

21 jan, 2023 22:30

Do you need this thing badly

yes i do. i can use it. the corpse disappeared along with the plans.

Check your addons it may be reason of many interface problems

no, I don’t think so. This must be a bug. It happened to me before but something different happened that time. I was in an uldaman group and away from the group members killing birds, I looted one of the corpses and I got a message in chat saying you won " green item name" + a red error message your inventory is full. I didn’t even click on any item yet. So, I thought that the green item would have automatically gone straight into my inventory after right-clicking on the corpse to open the loot window but in that situation, it didn’t because my inventory was full. I am 100% sure this is a bug. Normally, I should open loot window, see the green item, if no party member close, I should be able to click on it and loot it without rolling.

any response to this from staff yet?

Where is player support??
I submitted a ticket on the day it happened but now reply

found the plans in my bag. Thanks alot