Casting over textures (PVP/PVE) and other bugs in the game (items stats)


during the last few days I noticed that some items add less or more stats than they should. I noticed this with these items: Seal of Wrynn(adds less stats), Double Link Tunic(adds +14 defense instead +9), I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or a common problem on the server, but it should definitely be fixed.

Also, I’ve noticed that in pvp players can cast spells over textures (hills, walls), which shouldn’t happen.
This problem is also serious and I would like GMs to remove it, it also applies in PVE mode.(Pulling mobs from behind walls and casting spells through textures)

I would be interested in your experience with these bugs and whether and how quickly they can be fixed?

Seal of Wrynn actually only gave +6 spirit and +2 stamina up until patch 1.9 where it got upgraded (we’re currently on patch 1.5). Double Link Tunic changes in patch 1.7. You can check the different patch versions on below the image.

Casting through textures that should be solid has always been sort of an issue on the private servers I’ve played on. And I’ve seen way worse than Everlook.

Ok I get it. Patch 1.5 is not an obstacle for me personally, on the contrary, I like to play oldschool. How does this affect talents, do they all work?

Yeah talents should stay the same throughout the server’s life span. They’re the 1.12 version.