<Casual> Recruiting

Hi all, I must say I didn’t find any casual guild recruiters on the alliance side. I was wondering if there are people that share my traits such as busy family life and not so much time to play maybe (1-2h per day, more on weekends) but you also want to experience end game content and do guild dungeon runs etc. but dont want to be behind the pack at the very start and feel that pressure to play everyday.
Anyway if anyone is looking for the same as I am let me know.
Simple.Casual.No pressure.


I remember a guild called < Casual > back in the OG vanilla days. Ironically, they were the most hardcore guild on our server :upside_down_face:

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I’m up for this :slight_smile:

Casual and chill leveling community, let me know if there are guild like this on Alliance side.
I was mostly Horde, so i decided to try something new if possible.


i dont get those sweatlords neither …thinking anyone cares who will be server first on a pserver in a almost 20 year old game with a small community. Like trying to be a cool kid in a little retirement home.
Also keep in mind to many try to sound uber pro on discord but will be avarage at best ingame.
Don’t worry u will find a home.


This is exactly what I need at this point in my life. :+1:


This is exactly what I was looking for, when I heard of project Everlook. If you are in a need of priests, I would be more than happy to join for some casual gaming :slight_smile:


inv me . i will play casually too


Awesome guys, all are welcome. Please w/me in game. Mrva is the name.
p.s. alliance only


Join us on discord <CASUAL>