Character transfer

Hi all! I have a guild, but on kronos server. We want to join to everlook with all the guilds members. Kronos is same blizzlike server like this. Can we transferer the guild characters from kronos to everlook? If possible, i will glad if any GM write to me. (only the characters without items)

Helo. I have a lot of minds about transferring and instantly leveling up. I ll try to write it by myself and then correct it with google translator.
Me and many other players here have already spent a lot of time in this game on other servers and would be happy if their progress was saved.
This is one of the reasons why official wow server is still doing well online for 20 years. I played vanilla wow many times and got 60lvl, then a break for 2-3 years. And this happened again and again. I still love the leveling process, but I also love my ex-characters. I think if any vanilla server wants to live long it should have an available transfer or instant 60lvl and open new realms from time to time. this service may use any restrictions. for example:
you may use transfer/instalevel only if you already have 60lvl character on Everlook or something like that also it need to pay donation

I doubt this would be allowed. Only time it’s ever happened with a popular server was when Nostalrius team allowed players to copy their characters onto other projects.

We do not allow transfers from other projects.