CKKER The Wilderness MC brought medicine to the team and was blockd

Dear GM,

Thanks for taking time to read my appeal. Thank you again for your hard work to bring such a good game environment for all of us. I am a player who is always against any kind of RMT or illegal actions. When I just came to this server, it make me feel I go back my old times when I first go in azeroth. It bring very good memory to me. Thank you again for bring us such a good experience.

In 2032/3/29, when I try to log on game it shows my account has been frozen. It brings me a lot of questions. I try log on ![](file:///C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys%[email protected]$ACOF(TYDYECOKVDYB.png) it shows ban reason is RMT. I try my best to check my past to see if I have done anything wrong. I figure out that in 2023/3/26 8pm Beijing time I was doing MC raid. It was my first time to do MC and raid members don’t have good gear. There are a lot of wipes. When we reach the 3rd boss, my gear is all red. I ask my raid leader(Funvzhuren) to run back to orgrimmar to fix my gear. The raid leader told me in voice chat which ask me to bring about 100g potions with me to share to other members for 4th boss run.
We didn’t care about much since we are focused on doing raids. When I returned back with about 100g potions (bought from ah). The raid leader give me 100g for the expense and ask me to give potions to another hunter who is responsible for distribution of potions and materials.
This may bring suspect to me and get my account banned. Besides that I can’t find other suspect things. Please help me check my records.

I will be more careful in the future. Thank you again for creating such a good game environment for us.

CKKER tribe Minotaur warriors
The images below are all the dkp screenshot to show that I am in the same raid with the raid leader(Funvzhuren)

send ban appeal in ur account on website
not here

Have already sent
ls it to send acomplaint?