Client 1.14 - Stuck Spell Animation and Spell Sound

Hi. I am experiencing the following issue on the 1.14 client only. Whenever I cast a healing or buff spell on my paladin or cast any spell on my mage, the sound of the spell continues non-stop until I log out. Also, the animation of the spell gets stuck around my characters hand’s. I guess the best way to describe this is stuck spell animation and stuck spell sound?

Nevertheless, It was suggested to me to go to the Hermes Proxy folder and click on the the file “HermesProxy.config” and change the “ServerSpellDelay” and “ClientSpellDelay” from 15 to 20, so I tried that and nothing changed. I eventually increased it to 100 gradually and nothing changed.

Here is what I downloaded: Hermes Proxy Windows v3.7 (2023-01-30); Arctium Launcher; and Client 1.14

Thanks for the help!

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everlook never supported 1.14. i think u are wrong place .