Connecting via 1.14 client

Greetings ,ive succesfuly connected to everlook via 1.14 client using Hermes Proxy ( Playing on 1.12 servers with the 1.14 client - YouTube )

I keep getting disconnected ,not banned tho ,which doesnt mean i will eventually get banned if staff finds out something is suspicious.This is why i ask Everlook Staff to state their opinion on Hermes Proxy.

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I mean you keep getting disconnected so is it even worth asking about it when it’s basically unusable?

Why do some people tend to use a 1.14. client to play. It isnt even vanilla. Its a legion client its so bad. I remember non-vanilla arrow-firing sounds from classic and its graphics was different. Its rubbish.

Just use the 1.12.1 client for a true vanilla experience.


I got disconnected 3-4 times on the very first time i connected with 1.14 client ,after that i did not receive any disconnects what so ever ,played 30-40 mins with no disconnects or any other problems until i loged out myself. Playing with 1.14 client is valid.

We don’t support 1.14 client.