Could these quests be bugged?

Hi, so far I found two quests that NPCs didn’t offer me but they should because I meet the conditions. Maybe they area added in later patches I don’t know and when I asked in general chat they didn’t answer me so I’m trying this way. Level 46, Horde (orc).

  1. Service to the Horde (req. lvl 30)
    Service to the Horde - Quest - Classic World of Warcraft
    I’ve already completed full chain of quest for this (The Severed Head → The Troll Witchdoctor → Marg Speaks → Report to Zor) so it should me unlock this quest but it didn’t.

  2. The Captain’s Chest (req. 35)
    The Captain's Chest - Quest - Classic World of Warcraft
    This even doesn’t have any req except level and also I can’t take it.

Do any of you have same problem?

I cant speak of the first quest, i play alliance. But i was able to do the Captains Chest last week.

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