Dear administrator, I accidentally destroyed the mission props and asked for recovery. Thank you very much

Dear administrator, my role under this mailbox, camp: tribe, occupation: hunter name: Survivee, I accidentally destroyed the props (dragon talisman) of the disguised dragon man when doing the black dragon door opening task, please help me recover, thank you very much! The translation software I use may have translation errors, please understand!

您好 您是一个 部落的猎人 名字叫做 Survivee 然后你在做黑龙门前置任务时 不小心 摧毁了 龙形护符( Amulet of Draconic Subversion) 是么?

Hi you are a horde hunter named Survivee. you accidently destory Amulet of Draconic Subversion when doing onyxia door pre quest.

Yes, I accidentally destroyed it and asked GM to help me recover. Thank you very much!

Yes, dear G M, please help me recover! Thank you.

hello 好的 我会把这个帖子转给高级GM 如果他有时间就帮你处理了

您好 GM建议您 先从游戏里 客户端右下角 红色问号 发送 ticket 他不能直接给没有发送ticket的角色 发任何物品

内容如下 直接黏贴即可

Dear GM,

I accidently destroy my Amulet of Draconic Subversion (ID 16787) it is a key item for onyxia door pre quest. Please help me restore. Thank You.