Dear GM Consulting Account Questions

My account is: aijiangwencao
My role is: ummuum
I am an old player in World of Warcraft. I like this game very much, like the plot inside, and like the communication way of this game. This game account has been playing for a long time and has paid a lot of energy, but recently found that the account has been banned. I believe that it must have violated some game taboo, but I really don’t know. I also ask GM to tell me the specific reason for the ban. f possible, please give me another chance, and I will continue the game well and no longer violate the ban.

Please check if you purchase some dire maul tribute item from hunter. if so, go to apply an unban appeal

Dear GM:
I’m sorry, I really can’t remember when I did this violation, but I did find someone to pick up the equipment.

If this is true, please give it a chance to improve. I like this game very much, and I am usually busy with my work. Only game time is the happiest time. I have invested a lot of energy in this game, please give me a chance.

In addition, my English is really poor, and I don’t quite understand your appeal. I really like this game. How can I continue this game? I will try my best to correct it.

您好 请问你是否厄运找猎人买过东西了? 最近封禁的一大部分人都是这个原因

I did buy Sartre’s strong bow, but I didn’t know it was also illegal? That’s all the shouting on the channel. Is there still a chance to lift the ban on this one? Can you give us players a chance.

这个直接去申诉 说明自己买了什么装备 认个错 保证以后不会再犯 可以申诉回来的