Dear Gm My Account Been Miss Banned

Dear Gm

Thank you for taking time to help me with my problem.

Today when I log in my account i found my account been banned. The reason is RMT, however i did not do any RMT action in the game.

I confirm i have used 160g in these days but it is for enhancing. ( Around 29 or 28 of march)I found an enhancer can enhance 55 heal and he said include materials is 160g. Probably that is the cause of my miss ban.

I really enjoy this game with my friends in my guild. Please take your time consider my problem.
Thank you very much.

My name in game is Yigexiaomu and Account is sacredsoft

Yours Sincerely

You should also go for ban appeal. Sending post here is only an extra way to get noticed.