Debuff duration Addon?

Does anyone know a good Debuff durations Addon I can use? The ones that worked on Blizzards Classic do not work here. Preferably one where you can see the timer on the debuff slot on the character portrait itself. Anything else is also welcome.

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also check this thread List of Github addons - #8 by oshire

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You could download dotimer or debuff filter addon, you can find both in my discord… Debuff filter is some of my top addons i found from friend in tbc, then after searching found that for vanilla also, my discord link in off topics thread xiskyhighz’s addons discord… Hoping I can help you :slight_smile:

Nor dfilter or modified power auras display timers for me. I even tried a few fresh clients with and without Chronometer but no luck. Do timer works but keep displaying dots after the mob is dead.

Very frustrating

/dfilter its not easy to use…