[Desktop Application] GitAddonsManager (Credits to WobLight)

GitAddonsManager is a desktop application which allows to download and update addons from git repositories.

It will only manage addons containing a git repository. If you never used a git client to clone your addons, none will be detected. Only addons hosted in git repositories like Gitlab/Github can be managed through this application.

WARNING: this application is in alpha testing, I advise to backup your addons folder and to read very carefully file deletion confirmation dialogs.

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux) (dependancies: libgit2, Qt5)



git hosted addons

Current Features:

  • Download addons from git repositories;
  • Automatic addon folder renaming;
  • Automatic unpacking of addons in 1st level subdirectories;
  • Automatic check for updates on application’s start;
  • Addons update;
  • Addons removal.