Disconected from Server

I try to log in but cant. i get the message “Disconected from Server”!

I dont know what to do. Need help, thank you very much.

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Hey, it sounds like you are not using a clean 1.12 client. You need to make sure to download clean 1.12 client which has no modification from other projects.

nostalrius client 1.12 client still doesn’t work

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I’m using the nostalrius client without issue. Did you change the realmlist?

i did, still doesnt work
on the notepad

what do you write exactly on the notepad realmlist ?

It has to be logon.everlook.org. You can download the wtf file directly from our website: https://everlook.org/files/realmlist.wtf

thank,you it was the realmlist! working fine now :slight_smile:

working fine now too, ty