Download 1.12 client help

I tried nostlarius and elysium client but i don’t have VPN so i won’t risk torrent, mega link is more than 5gb and mega has some kind of limit max 5gb. Google drive when it comes to 100% downloaded it gives me “failed - forbidden” and the file gets removed, please help :sob:

Hi there. I think I saw on their discord or site that they suggested to download from Also, am not 100% sure about the MEGA thing but I think U can download in 2 times, so u would need to wait few hours to complete download.

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Hey. Dkpminus have same links. But if the file is more than 5GB on MEGA and it stops after 5GB and i close the browser or shutdown my PC then i’ll lose the progress i guess.

Yes so like I told you, am not sure 100% but I think u can do it in 2 times so u would need certain amount of hours to download it in 2 times. Am not 100% sure cuz it’s some friends that told me that like 1 or 2 years ago. Try it

it worked for me

Download from

Mediafire looks good

yesterday i created a topic with google drive linkl for Nostalrius client both packed and unpacked, but it got deleted for some reason. If you still need alternatives so here is the installer and here is the installed version

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There’s legal reasons why they can’t offer the client on their website. P99 Everquest servers have been running over 10 years and do not offer the client on any of their pages.

i see, thanks for info

This may have worked for me…Thanks!