<Dunder Mifflin Paper Co> Casual MS>OS+1 NA/EU

We are a casual friendly guild recruiting everyone no matter of skill level, experience, or personal goals. We aim to achieve our goals and progress through content at our own pace without the worry of parsing, min-maxing, or lots of grinding. Be chill, enjoy Everlook, and have fun!

We are looking forward to progressing and experiencing all forms of content in Vanilla; however, we are not going for world firsts. We want to keep a chill casual mindset throughout the game, but also keeping an open mind to making some adjustments to get past brick walls (harder content).

Group 1: Tue/Thur 8pm to 10pm EST (12am to 2am GMT)
Group 2: Sun/Wed 8pm to 10pm GMT (4pm to 6pm EST)

We will try to fit everyone we can. Given the population, we will most likely have more than one of each of these scheduled groups running at once.

We don’t expect everyone to have the best performance nor the best equipment; however, we do expect raiders to do their best and carry their own weight. We aren’t going to carry anyone - we will offer advice and resources to those who would like it. Bring whatever consumables and buffs you can and do your best is all we can ask for.

World Buffs are NOT required!

Main Spec > Off Spec +1
Simply put, if an item drops that is good for your main spec, you can roll on it. If no one else needs it for their main spec, you can roll on it for an off spec build. Some items are priority to roll for particular roles - tanks/healers.


Looking for a higher position? We have guild officer, raid leader, and profession manager roles open! Send the guild leader a DM if you are interested.


I can smell the memes and loot drama during raids…true vanilla experience incoming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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