Dynamic Respawns/Faction imbalance/Chinese pserver

Hello I am looking for a whitekidney, supposedly he does the dynamic respawns?? Well after STV, lvl ~30, the dynamic respawns are no where to be found. What happened? Did the effort just stop at level 30? That’s not even half the content of vanilla… I can’t quest in STV or arathi because there’s 10+ people fighting over the same mob.

Between the overwhelmingly alliance dominated server, and the majority population of chinese players, this is a 2nd rate pserver that is already dying after 2 weeks.

I look forward to the cope comments and hive minded bots that rinse and repeat the same arguments.


“Unfortunately over the past 6 months or so my mental condition and health has severely deteriorated due to the amount of toxicity and hatred that exists in this scene. I am shocked at how entitled, evil and unappreciative people truly can be. I have tried my best over the past 2 years to ignore the toxicity and focus on the positive side of things instead, but it is becoming very hard when people are stalking not just me, but friends and family across social media and other gaming platforms. I hope the scene eventually takes a stance against those who aim to spread misinformation and lies about people/projects and set stronger demands towards providing evidence.”


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