<Empire of Zul> Troll Only Guild [H] [NA] [PVE, PVP, RP]

[H] [NA] [PVE, PVP, RP] Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 9am-1pm CST

We are an all troll guild. I want to be clear that we are serious about raiding. Our goal is to be the first monoracial guild to clear all raid content. Trolls are the only race to be able to achieve this goal on pace with the rest of the normies clearing content on easy mode. Leadership is NA but all english speakers are welcome… so long as you are a troll. We’ve been playing vanilla together for the past 7 years and we’ve cleared all raid content. Come be a part of the monoracial challenge and join the team.

PVP events will be capital city raids, dueling tournaments, taking over random zones, tormenting our alliance oppressors

Discord : Empire of Zul
Recruitment Video(hilarious): Zul Recruitment


There is no Dana, only Zul.


Is this purely PvP?

What a LOVELY singing voice you must have!

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nope. our goal is to clear all raid content with only trolls. so we’ve basically decided to try playing the game with added difficulty of no druids or locks(since they cant be trolls) we’re just trying to do something that to our knowledge has never been done before and gonna have a fun time doing it.

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100 members strong! Would love to see some more trolls join the cause!

170 members! could use some melee dps. Join the empire or die for your insolence

damn i’d love to join since you guys are NA. not a troll though unforunately