English to Chinese basic chart

What do you guys think of this chart? :taiwan:

why would they have gold quotas ? :thinking:

ahem…:shushing_face: :no_mouth: :gun:

Just type 1.
When u agree, type “1”
When u want to be invited, type “1”
When u want to be summoned, type “1”
When u need drink/food from a mage, type “1”
When u want to nofity members you`ve completed a quest, type “1”
“1” means confirmaiton, it was first introduced by John von Neumann, and later fostered and enhanced by Chinese in WoW. “1” contains all the secret of the universe.

For advanced users:
The number of “1” in a roll can show how fierce ur emotion is. Type “1111111111111111111111111111111111111111” when that moment comes.


e, i think he want say the item have certain price in their mind. if they want buy it not from AH. that is sure they want low price than AH. coz i am chinese player. by thr way. the transfer is more like traditional Chinese,but we do it by mandarin now。
just type 1 for everything if u dont speak.chinese

but why do they have to meet a ‘gold quota’?

dont know, cant understand what he is meaning

lol funy :rofl:

I see that you often play with Chinese players

Please use this :cn: