Enjoying the server?

Hello guys I have a very simple question. Are you guys enjoying the server so far?

I got banned of discord for discussing the launch and population, i didn’t insult anyone, so the easy way is to ban people that don’t go with the flow of the majority there, i understand, so i chose not to play there, i went to official classic era servers, at least there i can debate with people.

I really wish the server to do well because i understand that some people don’t want to pay a subscription for whatever reason but also want to enjoy the game that they have grown to love, just for this i want Everlook to be successful, but some people in that community and discord that have some power in their hands need to sit down and reflect on their actions or be called upon by some real staff to be responsible for their actions, banning people isn’t the answer unless they are really insulting others and being really toxic, because if people are banned left and right some (like me) are going to go away from this kind of project.

Anyway i wanted to give you my 2 cents, i have made a character there and played a bit with the launcher, settings and some other stuff to see how it runs but then i thought about some of the people’s mindsets in here and i honestly prefer no to be involved.

I wish you @W1NT3R and others to have fun but let’s to say if tomorrow the server looses a lot of it’s population or even get’s to a point to be empty or close i wouldn’t be surprised.

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Thank you for your honest answer appriciate it! Sorry to hear you got banned from discord. :confused:

It’s just my opinion, people can have different opinions and still debate and be respectful towards each other you know.
I could just create a character and play on the server without giving attention to their discord, but to be banned because i shared my opinion and again without any insults just made me wondering what the future holds within that server when people are getting banned left and right even on discord.

I’m going to leave this here, it’s of a person that plays on the server and he supports the project and interacts a lot with the community, but he speaks his mind, it’s from a month ago but it’s still relevant as to some people on the team either gm’s, mods or whatever need to learn something how to interact with people. Things that bother me about Project Everlook! - YouTube

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So far it’s great and what anyone would expect. People are friendly most of the time even if they don’t speak much for some reason. It’s a pleasant experience

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Sad, but I don’t. Becouse they are banning legit players as bots.

Yes i am enjoying