/Equip Weapon Macro?

On every server I have played you have been able to just write /equip “Weaponname” as a macro and it works.
Here nothing happens and in the chat it just says “type /help if you need help”

I have also tried
/equipslot 16 mainhandname
/equipslot 17 offhandname

nothing is happening. How is it possible? Its a pretty basic command that has worked for me on 10+ private servers for like 14 years… It’s a pretty essential macro… Any tips?

Was every server you played a retail Blizzard ran?

As far as I know you need an addon to do that for you (SuperMacro was one of them back in the day) or you need to put the weapons on your action bars and have the macro point to those action bar slots.

thanks works now when i downloaded supermacro addon