Faction balance is a myth

Check this out, faction balance is calculated using offline characters. Get good, seriously…


I’m lost. What are you trying to show?

What point are you trying to make?

On the statistics site you see under factions for alliance and horde values way above 50k (each). Have you really thought these are online players? I think it is for every person pretty clear that these values represent created characters.

Based on you snapshot the values were:
Horde = 58644 (50,9%)
Alliance = 56611 (49,1%)

The data also includes the online characters from that moment, these were:
Horde = 1193 (48,2%)
Alliance = 1280 (51,8%)

So what exactly was your claim? These are the numbers you posted and for me this looks like very balanced, online and offline.

Leaves me to quote you:

Get good, seriously…

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voodoo magic

It’s just a bad metric to describe faction balance on a live server…

1 account can have 1 character, another can have 10.

Hey at least you guys provide your data because otherwise it would just be totally untrustworthy. xD