Faction balance predictions!

How do you guys see the faction balance turning out and why?

I don’t want to play on an overpopulated faction. I want to support the faction with less players and be able to find world pvp easily.

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i predict that the factions will be balanced, maybe 60:40 ratio max. However, Horde will prevail!


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it will either tilt to horde or alliance i’m afraid…rarely a server is completly balanced 50/50. But lets hope for the best!!

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6.11 the poll said its at that moment 50/50 for people who aswered… me myself going horde no matter what, i also love night elfs, but undead for life!


From what i have heared the PTR has also pretty much 50/50 faction balance.
The unofficial faction poll looks similiar. I know not really a great metric to use, but still.

I don’t think that we have troubles in the beginning, maybe some time later on when BWL and later AQ launches.
Especially AQ, i heared a lot of PvP oriented people quit (grind done etc.)
Still pretty confident that the community can remedy that. :smiley:

We will see


Uncapped rested xp will help those who choose to reroll for faction balance greatly.

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a 50% advantage is actually pretty huge.

@prim, it would only help if they got 60 first, if we can have both factions on one account, and if they waited long enough for the rested to stack.

in other words, no it wouldn’t.

It’s hard to judge at the moment, it could be quite balanced at launch. Both factions seem to have some good raid guilds recruiting, and there are even pvp guilds on both sides.

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Both sides?

Who is 's rival on alliance? :smirk: